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Webinar Production Services

Let us help you run a smooth professional webinar

You keep your focus on the learning and we will mute, manage, and move your attendees with seamless transitions, broadcast standard sound and TV style graphics. Your attendees will get an enhanced experience and you can concentrate on delivering your content whilst we take care of all the behind the scenes needs like creating and deploying breakout rooms, managing the chat and keeping an eye on your delegates.

The production team at Sounds Fishy has decades of experience in radio and television meaning we can help you bring high production value to your Zoom presentations with a webinar facilitator and producer. Our producers are based in London & Los Angeles meaning we have coverage for almost every time zone.

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What We Do

  • Broadcast style motion graphics and titles
  • Timing & Show control to keep your webinar running on schedule with professional timers that can be shared with you and all your guests.
  • Curated music playback to cover the transitions to and from the breakout rooms and to entertain during the meeting opening, breaktime and close.
  • Breakout room set up, deployment and management
  • Chat posting for content links, instructions, and general information.
  • Technical support for you, your guests, and attendees.
  • Security for your event to help prevent ‘zoom bombing’ using all the latest features of Zoom and the ability to quickly and efficiently remove any users that are causing problems.
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Training & Development

In addition to our live production support we also provide presenter coaching and tips to help you achieve your full potential and understand the difference between in person and online presenting.

As a team of broadcast producers we are experts in delivering engaging content and know exactly how to make your presentation come across in the best possible way.

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